Porto is an attractive modern city rich in architecture, historical monuments and culture that makes it a fantastic place to discover with a GPS team event.

Porto was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996; the historical centre contains monuments from the medieval times to early modernity. We would recommend that the GPS treasure hunt and explore The Church of São Francisco and enjoy the Gothic rose window and the frescos and painting on wood in the main chapel and transept, as well as on the 16th century graves. Porto has a maze of local alleys and narrow streets that makes the area so atmospheric. Also worth visiting is Lello bookshop which is considered one of most beautiful bookshop in the world. Torre dos Clérigos Designed by Nicolau Nasoni, built between 1754 and 1763 is certainly worth a visit.

The famous vineyards

Porto is famous for the wine it produces and the vineyards are very much evident on either side of the Douro River. It is certainly worth including a GPS team game in a visit to a port wine cellar to enhance what is truly a worthwhile experience.

Porto also boasts the Parque da Cidade. The park has 84 hectares of green areas, footpaths and monuments and is the largest park in Porto.

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