Madrid is great city to explore with a GPS scavenger hunt and discover many of the famous historical monuments along with statues of kings, dignitaries and conquistadors that decorate the city.

Madrid is a sunny, vibrant, cosmopolitan city with famous historical monuments and statues decorate the city streets that makes it a fantastic place for a GPS treasure or scavenger hunt. Most of Madrid’s famous sites are located in the centre.

The Puerta del Sol is a large plaza for festivals, important gatherings and street performers. Another important square is Plaza Mayor where many heretics met their death during the Spanish inquisition. Nearby is San Miguel market which is a popular hub for local foods and delicacies ranging from classic local tapas to oysters and fine wines.

The Royal Palace is very impressive and still serves for important functions. The palace holds beautiful gardens where team events can be held. One of the most recognisable sites in Madrid is the Plaza de Cibeles and the many constructed Neo-Classical style buildings that surrounds it. This is where the Real Madrid team celebrate league and champions’ leagues titles.

El Retiro park is a 350-acre area of gardens, fountains and buildings located in the city center and is perfect for a GPS quiz or strategy game. Retiro Park used to be the royal park bathes and has been open to the public since 1868. El Retiro park has a large artificial lake where groups can rent rowing boats. The park is littered with statues and hidden fountains that makes it fun interesting place to explore.

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