Barcelona has so much to offer for a GPS team event from the modernist architects to the Ciutat Vella. Discover why Barcelona is a cutting edge as we enter the 21st century.

Barcelona is sandwiched between the sea and the mountains and is famous for its architecture which make s the city one of the most pleasant to relax in. The modernist movement with Antoni Gaudi at the helm is what really differentiates Barcelona from some of its other contemporary Mediterranean ports. Casa Mila or La Pedrera as its also known is a classic Gaudi design with its typically impressive chimneys to be found. Casa Batllo which is located nearby is also a stunning building that has all of Gaudi’s creativity on view.

Guadi’s most famous work

La Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s famous cathedral that has made it a mu¡st see for any visitor to Barcelona. The four gigantic towers make it one of the most impressive churches in the world and interestingly enough still under construction. Park Guell is another of Gaudi’s creations and is well worth a visit to explore the famous mosaic reptile and benches and the quirky architecture located inside this extraordinary park.

The Gothic quarter

Barcelona also has the Ciutat Vella which is the the old town, and is a great place to do a scavenger hunt. By exploring the Ciutat Vella, you’ll discover the history of Barcelona. Until the mid-19th century, the city was surrounded by its medieval walls but now it is buzzing with the multicultural and cutting-edge Barcelona of the 21st century. A stimulating collection of extraordinary landmarks and streets containing cultural, culinary and artistic attractions that makes it ideal for a GPS treasure hunt

The lungs of the city

The Parc de la Ciutadella is a fantastic place to do the strategy game. The park hosts a variety of interesting monuments left over from the military citadel and the Universal Exhibition.

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