Team Treasure Hunt

The GPS Treasure Hunt includes all the fun and excitement of the traditional team-building activity, but with cutting-edge technology taking it to the next exciting level. The GPS Treasure Hunt still includes all the classic problem-solving challenges, but with a fresh creative format.

All the fun and excitement of the traditional team building activity with added new technology

Treasure Hunts are great activities and GPS team events has taken it into the 21st century. The GPS treasure hunt involves all the fun and excitement of the traditional team building activity which now allows participants to use new technology to discover and explore the treasure hunt on ipads, tablets and smartphone.

The GPS treasure hunt has exciting features that allows the group to explore their surroundings and city sights while completing the various tasks set to find the treasure such as:

  • Timed questions
    How do the team perform with the clock ticking?
  • Taking photos
    How creative and accurate are the team when photography skills are required?
  • Street interaction
    Can the team perform various tasks during the event with the general public?
  • Lost in translation
    Can the group overcome language issues to get the clues?
  • Riddles
    How good are the team at problem solving?
  • General knowledge
    How much does the team know on a cultural and professional level?
  • Scavenging
    Can the team bring back requested items correctly?
  • Cryptic questions
    Can the team think outside the box?
  • Team tasks
    Can the team work together to complete timed tasks at our manned stations?

How the game can be designed to target your objectives

The GPS treasure hunt is tailor made and designed around the needs, objectives and the nature of the participants so that maximum success is achieved so that all parties have a fantastic experience. We can include questions and tasks orientated around the focus of the client whether to reinforce the company’s values or a recent training exercise. Gps team events believe that through a personalized designed treasure hunt the following can be accomplished

  • Healthy competition will create communication and co-operation
  • Confidence and assertion will be developed through group decisions
  • Trust can be generated on tasks completed and having fun
  • An opportunity for teams and individuals to assert themselves in a relaxed environment
  • To identify or reinforce team building skills within the team such as communication, problem solving and leadership
  • To stimulate members cultural knowledge and problem solve new cultural and language situations

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