Strategy Game

The GPS Strategy Game is an original and challenging event, designed for teams to find the finish point as quickly as possible by answering the least amount of questions. For this, strategy and teamwork are required to solve challenges and find the shortest route.

The strategy game is a fun and challenging activity for the smaller to medium sized groups that want to solve tougher challenges through teamwork.

The strategy game is a great original event that is fun and challenging game for the smaller to medium sized groups that want to crack tougher challenges through teamwork. The strategy game is rather like the classic Snakes and Ladders that adapts the classic board game into a real life experience. The idea is that your game board becomes the actual area the teams need to cover in order for them to get from the start to finish.

Teams see all the checkpoints, but only the next checkpoint is active at any given time. Teams need to answer questions and, depending if the answer was correct or incorrect, teams will get their next target location. Teams see this route map and can plan their answers accordingly. So, it is not just about answering right, it is about answering strategically right to use the shortcuts in the game. Shortcuts move teams several fields forward. The idea is to plan the shortest route (with fewest answers) to the finish and implement it. If needed, replan.

A well-thought-out strategy provides an advantage!

In the strategy game, the team must make decisions about a suitable strategy to accomplish the end goal. The team must take the correct direction, be ready to take risks, and put their knowledge to the test. This is an innovative outdoors quiz game, which is won by the team that answers the fewest number of questions! However, the game is different from all others! In this team game you see the game plan conveniently on your screen and can plan your path from start to finish. At the beginning of the game, the team must decide together which strategy to choose. Would it make more sense to spend time on moving around and answering more questions, or to accept penalty points but gain in time? Do you take bigger risks and rely on your knowledge? Who decides quicker and makes the right choices?

The game can be adapted to meet the needs of your company or team objectives. Questions can be added to the strategy game on the topics from the day’s workshop, video messages from the boss, pictures of products, or audio files to guess the voices from your company’s office.

Target client

The Strategy game can be easily modified and is very much designed to focus on clients who wish to adapt their own content to the game and/or needing the game in a special location. It’s especially suitable for the serious team-training or strategy sessions. The strategy game is best suited small to medium sized groups.

The Strategy game is recommended because…

  • It is different from the traditional scavenger/treasure hunt as teams are not looking to answer questions in order to get points; they are avoiding answers through strategy.
  • It has a cycle of planning, implementing and revising built in
  • It is not about correct answers. It is about being correct where needed and vice versa.
  • It can be run in very tight places.
  • Game creators can easily change the game’s strategic difficulty.

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