Scavenger Hunt

The GPS Scavenger Hunt is a great tailor made activity that incorporates all the requirements for a fun team-building event. Each team is given a tablet/iPad that has questions and problem solving challenges to complete in order to accumulate points to win the prize.

Questions, challenges and tasks tailored to your company’s requirements

There are a few other twists and requirements that make the experience unique, valuable and memorable for participants. The main difference between a scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt is a scavenger hunt you are required to complete team challenges and may be required to bring back specific objects such as a museum flyer, a cultural memento, a coaster from a particular bar, etc.

Questions, challenges and tasks can all be tailored to suit your company’s requirements, as well as the profile of the participants.

Who can take part in a GPS Scavenger Hunt?

This innovative, interactive activity ensures that everybody is included, with every member of the team being involved in the problem-solving tasks and collecting the scavenged objects en route. For company team-building events, the GPS Scavenger Hunt is ideal as it incorporates typical business problem-solving scenarios into the activity.

The questions can be devised by our team or companies can supply their own questions and tasks in order to achieve specific objectives such as:

  • discovering the resources of your staff as a form of recruitment or appraisal
  • discovering the cities the company members are visiting in a fun and cultural way
  • producing a form of time-out for company delegates during long, demanding meetings
  • developing existing skills as well as new ones
  • providing an ice breaker for new teams or departments
  • celebrating hitting company and team objectives or good productive work
  • becoming acquainted with new employees and managers after corporate organisational restructuring
  • problem-solving mission off-site when confronted with problems at work or personnel
  • trust-building exercises within the company and with suppliers
  • integrating various European offices on regional visits to conferences or factory sites

What will my team or business get out of a GPS Scavenger Hunt?

In order to get the maximum from this team-building event,the focus needs to be set on the objectives of the company. GPS Team Events design the tasks and challenges depending on the environment and the nature of the participants so that all parties have a truly rewarding experience. GPS Team Events have found that from a personalised scavenger hunt the following can be accomplished:

  • Healthy competition will increase communication and co-operation
  • Confidence and assertion will be developed through group decisions
  • Trust can be generated on tasks completed while having fun
  • An opportunity for teams and individuals to assert themselves in a relaxed environment
  • To identify or reinforce team building skills within the team such as communication, problem solving and leadership
  • To stimulate cultural knowledge and problem-solving within new cultural and language situations

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