Photo Rally

The GPS photo rally is a tailor-made photography-based activity where teams combine their creative skills with photography to reach their objectives. Teams have to reproduce photos of famous sites, using team interaction and problem solving scenarios in a fun and competitive team-building event.

Find the hotspots to accomplish the photo tasks

Each team is given an iPad or tablet and are required to use their map reading abilities to find the hotspots in order to accomplish their photographic task.

There are many tasks the group has to complete in order to take the photograph required and complete the GPS photo rallye successfully. The Groups compete in teams to overcome obstacles and team challenges and dealing with the inherent problems of a language barrier and an unfamiliar city.

  • Reproducing photos
    How creative and accurate are the team when photography skills are required..
  • Street interaction
    Can the team take photos during the event with the general public
  • Lost in translation
    Can the group overcome language issues to take a photo
  • Riddles
    How good are the team at problem solving
  • General knowledge
    How much does the team know on a cultural and professional level
  • Cryptic questions
    Can the team think outside the box
  • Team tasks
    Can the team work together to complete timed tasks at our manned stations

At the end of the activity, the photographs are collated, and then our panel of photographic judges will deliberate before declaring the winning team.

How can I adapt this game to my team

The standard time for this activity is between 2 and 3 hours but could also be combined with another activity. We recommend that each team has 5 to 6 people with a minimum of two teams being involved to create an air of competition.

This activity is extremely flexible, it can be run at any time of the day for groups ranging from 3 and upwards. It can be run as a teambuilding activity and as an energizing and refreshing way of breaking up a series of meetings/conferences, getting participants out into the beautiful and lively cities. With its fascinating past and avant-garde present it really does have something for everyone, meaning that your event will be talked about around the office for years to come.

Would like to find out more or discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know!

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