Cracking the Code

Cracking The Code is a fun GPS game based on tablets or IPADS where the teams have to collect clues along the activity in order to solve the mystery. There are many different ways in which a clue is found so the team need to be ready to expect the unexpected.

Solve puzzles and riddles to pick up clues to crack the code and find the mystery answer.

This is a fun competitive activity where teams are provided with all the clues in different formats using a GPS system. The clues are set on a tablet and the teams have to work as a team to solve the riddle.

How does the game work

The teams search for clues and information through the streets and famous sites of the city where they discover the code to unlock the mystery. The teams have to locate and collect equipment that has been strategically placed around the area they need to explore. The teams also complete tasks and challenges in order to collect all the equipment to finish the puzzle.

Once the time is up the teams have to then reunite with other teams and decipher the code from the information and equipment gathered from the challenge.

How the activity can work for you

Cracking the code is very much a creative tailored event for every organisation. This GPS mystery game can be adapted to a particular theme or focus on a corporate message. The activity can play on the city’s history such as Jack the ripper in London or Gaudi in Barcelona. Contact us if you have an idea you would like to discuss.

Would like to find out more or discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know!

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