Give Us a Clue

The Give Us a Clue game is a great dynamic activity, providing an exciting team-building event without the need to leave your office. The game is designed to be played anywhere, whenever suits you, making it ideal for companies with limited time. We can combine general knowledge questions with those tailor-made for your company and purpose.

The Give Us a Clue game can be designed to be played indoor or outdoors, wherever you choose.

The main idea is that players can see a question list at the beginning of the game. The game can be started by the teams answering questions opened without a code, or they can use a clue list to search their location for codes which open up questions. You can use all question types and also location-specific questions in “Give Us a Clue” game types. The “Give Us a Clue” game allows scavenger hunt ideas to be incorporated into the event to make people move around indoors, looking for clues inside and interacting with colleagues.

How does the game work?

The Give Us a Clue list can be designed around the objectives set by the group to accomplish the goals desired. The questions can be adjusted so that the clues and riddles match the objects and the people in the venue.

  • Find out who is responsible for organizing the annual sales meeting in our company. His/hers pet’s name is the answer. The answer opens the question
  • Find the round fountain (it is next to marketing team meeting room). How many goldfish are in the fountain? The answer opens the question
  • What is the color of the vase of the cactus plant in the hallway in front of the Human Resource office. The answer opens the question
  • Find out how many years John Smith has been with the company. The answer opens the question.

How the activity can work for you

The options for the Give Us a Clue game are infinite and can become a very powerful tool in any business environment. Contact us if there are any particular ideas you would you like to discuss with us further.

Would like to find out more or discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know!

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